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Goodie Bags & Goodie Boxes for Moms Vendor Information

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

Many times I am asked, "How can I participate in advertising on your site if my company is already taken?"  I am continually looking for new ways to help the WAHM/WAHD get their business in front of people so I have decided to add two new services to Direct Sales Mommies to help accommodate more of you.

These new services have been designed to help WAHMS/WAHDS promote and build your business  with minimal fees for you.  You can be in Direct Sales or just a small Mom and Pop owned company.
Goodie Bag Participation Information

How Do I Get Involved?
Simply email Sandy at and let me know you want to participate in our Goodie Bags for Moms.

Is There a Participation Fee for the Goodie Bags?
There will be a monthly participation fee for each month you choose to participate of $5 paid via PayPal

This will help to cover labor, packaging materials, advertising, etc.  Be sure to include a PayPal billing email for the $5 fee.

Am I Required to Participate Every Month?
No, there is no requirement for participating in our Goodie Bags.

When are My Items Due?
You will be required to send in your fillers by the 10th of each month that you choose to participate in our Goodie Bags for Moms.

What should you send in for the Goodie Bags for Moms?
Pens with your business information printed on them
* Pencils with your business information printed on them
Magnets with your business information on them
Mini Catalogs or brochures with a small sample attached to them
Business cards with a small sample attached to them
Mint books with your business information printed on them
Bookmarks with your company information printed on them
Sample with a coupon attached

Use your imagination and be creative with your marketing materials.  Is it something you would want or use if you received it?  I don't want to be handing/shipping goodie bags that are just filled with business cards.

If you are printing or making your own marketing materials the must be neatly cut and legible.

How Many Reps will be in the Goodie Bags?
That depends on the number of reps participating each month.  There will only be one rep per company in a Goodie Bag.

Am I Required to Send in a Certain Amount of Fillers?
I would like for each rep to send in a minimum of 25 fillers with a maximum of 100 in the participating month.  If I have extras from you, they will go into future bags and possibly in the Goodie Boxes. I would like to be able to give everyone a chance to participate.  So if you are with a more "popular" company you might want to send in fewer items so another rep can share in the same cycle with you.

What's in it For Me?
This will allow you to reach a larger number of people for minimal investment. I will also be adding your name and website to the Goodie Bag page with each group of Goodie Bags we have.

Where Can I Find Personalized Items?
Vista Print
National Pen
Oriental Trading
You can also check our Business Resources and Supplies page for more places to get personalized items.

How do I distribute our Goodie Bags for Moms?

* I enclose Goodie Bags in all of my out going orders (providing I have them available).
* I distribute them at craft/vendor fairs we participate in.
* I take many door to door in our community.
* I have given them to moms at Halloween when the kids are Trick or Treating. Mom deserves a goodie too.
* Keep a couple in my purse and a few in the car.  You never know who you are going to meet.

The possibilities are endless.


How can you help distribute Goodie Bags for Moms?

I am always looking for creative ways to help market a fellow work at home mom or dad. This is the perfect opportunity for everyone to help each other out.

Do you have an event coming up and would like pass out goodie bags to the moms visiting your event?  This is a nice way to say, "Thank you for visiting me today."

Do you do a lot of home parties and want to share a goodie bag with your guests in attendance?

I can pre-assemble the Goodie Bags for Moms for you complete with a bag topper with your company information. 

I will then ship them to you all ready to be passed out at your party, event or to have on hand as a quick give away.

30 pre-assembled Goodie Bags for Moms complete with personalized bag topper $27.00.

Must be ordered in quantities of 30, includes personalized bag topper and priority shipping.

These will also be available on various websites of mine.  Due to the cost of postage, I will be charging the person who requests them a postage fee. 

I use to ship them FREE, but it has become far too expensive for me to continue to ship them out of pocket for the amount of them that we were shipping out weekly.


Sample Boxes

Do you have extra inventory, an abundance of sample items, discontinued items?  How about using them to build your business? 

Donate your items to our Goodie Boxes and Gain Exposure for your Business!

The goal for this is to have a minimum of 15 Sample Boxes per month containing 15 - 20 samples in each box.


How Do I Get in the Box?
That is simple, just email me at and you will be on your way.  You may contribute to one or all boxes in a month.  Please let me know how many boxes you will be contributing to. Only one rep per company in each box.

Is there a Fee to Submit my Samples?
There will be a monthly participation fee for each month you choose to participate of $5 paid via PayPal

This will help to cover labor, packaging materials, advertising, etc.  Be sure to include a PayPal billing email for the $5 fee.

What do I Get Out of It?
Exposure for your business!  Your samples will be sent directly to potential customers wanting to try your products.  You will also get a free text link on the Goodie Boxes for Moms webpage.

When are Samples Due?
Samples must be received by the 10th of the month.
Example: you wish to participate in the October Goodie Boxes, your samples must be received by September 10th.  All late samples will move into the next available Goodie Boxes.
What Should I Send In?
The Goodie Boxes are different from the Goodie Bags.  The items you send in for the Goodie Boxes should be trial size or full size products.

Goodie Box items must be professional and more than just a business card or business magnet, flier, post card, or catalog.  These items are great, however they must have some sort of tangible item attached to them -something that is usable. Also, no candy unless you're representing a candy company.

Here are some ideas of what to send in:
Cosmetic Companies ~ bath and body samples
Candle Companies ~ votives, tea lights, tarts
Food Companies ~ mixes
Jewelry Companies ~ earrings, key chains

Can I send in Gift Certificates?
Yes, you may!  I will only allow 3 gift certificates per Goodie Box.  So please let me know as soon as possible if you will be sending in a Gift Certificate. Gift Certificates need to be an actual dollar amount and may not be a percentage off. A minimum $5 Gift Certificate is required and may not have a minimum purchase requirement.

How Should I Prepare my Products?
You will want your products to look professional.  I suggest placing your item and business card in a cello or organza bag and tied with a pretty ribbon.

Please make sure that all Bath and Body products and Food products contain a label with all ingredients listed.

If you are with a Stationary type company, please make sure to include envelopes if needed so the item is usable to the recipient.

* Please make sure to include a business card for me too.

Can I Offer a Discount?
Absolutely, we encourage you to offer a discount coupon with your sample items.  Including a discount with your product helps you track the business you are getting from submitting your items to the Goodie Boxes. Please make sure your discount code has specific directions for applying the discount (ex. email orders to me to receive discount). Please have your discount code valid for a minimum of 90 days from the time they receive their package.

Can I Include any Promotional Materials with My Samples?
Yes!  You may include your promotional materials in your package.  This would include your personalized pens, pencils, fridge magnets, etc.  These DO NOT count as sample items, but may be included in the box with your item.

Do I Have to Participate Every Month?
No, we do not require you to commit to any time frame.  You may participate as often as you like.  We hope you will find this experience a good one and want to continue your participation, but you are not required to do so.

How Will the Goodie Boxes be Distributed?
Boxes will go On Sale on the 1st of the Month.  They will be listed on this site and I will be promoting them throughout my groups and Facebook pages.  The prices of the boxes will vary depending on how many items are in the box and the fees from the sale of the boxes go to cover labor, packaging materials, advertising, shipping fees, etc. 

We are currently focusing on the Holiday Goodie Boxes so please visit Holiday Vendor Page for participation.


Another New Service Added for You!

We have started a Giveaway page!  It is FREE to post your Giveaway on Direct Sales Mommies.

Please send the following Information to Sandy @ with Giveaway in your subject line.

Giveaway Title:
Your Name:
Your Email:

Giveaway Description:

How to Enter your Giveaway:

Please follow through with your Giveaways. 

Please note: I will allow more than one rep per company to list in the Giveaway area on our site. 


Fundraiser Opportunity

We are now offering a page on the site designed just for those of you who are participating in your companies Fundraisers.

You may list your Fundraiser Information on our site FREE!

Please send the following information to Sandy @

Your Name:
Your Company:
Your Website:
Your Email Address:
Other Contact Information you wish to include:
Your City and State:

Brief Description of your fundraiser:

Please note: I will allow more than one rep per company to list in the Fundraiser area on our site. 


If you have any questions you can email Sandy at

Thank you for your continued support and patronage. 

Sandy Joyce









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