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Direct Sales - Why You Need To Spend Time Developing Your Team
By: Shelly Hill

When you are with a Direct Sales company, part of the income that you earn from the business is generated from the sales that your downline team makes. With that said, You need to spend quality time training and working with your team, so that you are earning that additional income stream.

As the leader or manager of your team, it is important that you educate, motivate, coach and train your members to run a proficient profitable business. If your team is making money, than you will make money.

Let's take a look at everything you need to do in a little more detail.

1. Educate: It is your job to educate your members on the company's policy, business system, products, home party booking system and the company's business opportunity. When your members are properly educated on all of these policies and topics, they will have a more successful business.

2. Motivate: A good leader will work really hard to motivate their members to get out there and work the business. This motivation can come in the form of pep talks, regular meetings and by offering incentives to your members when they reach certain business goals.

3. Coach: I look at coaching as being a little different than training. For me, I like to ask all my members to list out what their goals are for each aspect of the business. Once I receive their lists, I tailor my coaching to each person's individual needs. Coaching to me is offering my advice, education, training and expertise to help guide them on the path to reach their own individual success.

4. Train: All team leaders are responsible for training their members and this training is not offered as a one time deal or just at the beginning when someone joins your business opportunity. Training members is taking the Education to an entirely different level. Leaders are responsible to train their members on a ongoing basis. That means training them on new policy changes, updates on sales specials, new ways on demonstrating products and new methods for recruiting. Training is something that is done continually and regularly with the members of your team.

When you spend quality time doing all of the above with the members you are responsible for, they in turn will be better business owners. This will pay off for you because the more successful your members are in their business, the more successful you will be in yours.


Article Source:

Shelly Hill has been successfully working from home in Direct Sales since 1989. Shelly owns the popular Work At Home Business Options resource site at where you can find free direct sales articles, home business tips and free business resources. You can visit Shelly's Two Classy Ghostwriting Chic's at to learn more about how a ghostwriter can help you in your Direct Sales business.

Home Party Plan Recruiting Tips
By: Deb Bixler

Recruiting the Perfect Party Plan Consultants a home party plan consultant, you often focus on getting bookings and making sales. However, to bring your business to a new level of prosperity, you can also recruit team members to work for you. Recruiting consultants to work on your team takes more work and effort, but it can also exponentially increase your bottom line.

Home Party Consultants Join Your Team There are many reasons why consultants will join your party plan team:

* Personal use. These people will join to make a few sales to friends and family so they can earn discounts on products.

* Part-time. These consultants are looking to supplement their family?s income. They may only want to work on a seasonal basis or will most likely only present at one or two parties per month.

* Full-time. These consultants want to work as a home party plan consultant on a full-time basis.

They may also be interesting in recruiting team members and building a team within your team's structure. The perfect party plan consultant would be the person interested in working full-time who also has a significant interest in developing another team of consultants. Recruiting someone who wants to build a team within your company's organization will significantly boost your profits.

How to Recruit Team Team Members

* Parties. One of the easiest ways to recruit new members is at one of your bookings. You can offer incentives and discounts to get guests interested in becoming one of your team members.

* Newspaper ads. Place small classified ads in local newspapers and community shoppers to get new recruits.

* Use business cards. Hand out business cards everywhere and to everyone.

* Join a business networking group. Local networking groups give you access to others business owners, other sales consultants, and new ideas on how to promote your business.

* Create a flyer. Make an attractive and eye-catching flyer to post all around your local area.

* Recruit online.

Where to Recruit the Perfect Team Member Online
To find the perfect home party plan consultant, you have a few options online. You can create a simple website that will explain who you are and what you do. Websites are relatively inexpensive to build and maintain, and are essential in the digital age.
You can also recruit by using social media. On social media sites like Facebook, there are millions of potential customers and team members. You can create advertisements or a page that promotes your products and your company. If you aren't already using social media, it is imperative that you create a presence on various social media sites; you'll be surprised at how many people on se sites are seeking good opportunities.

Blogging and Article Marketing You can start a blog detailing your experiences with home party plan. Writing in a non-promotional style, you can outline the daily successes and failures of working as a home party plan consultant. You should write content that is informative, helpful, and honest. Along with blogging, you can also write articles on article-writing sites. Including links in these articles that send people back to your website will drive increasing amount of traffic to your site and help you achieve a greater online presence.

The perfect recruit is someone who wants to work full-time, is interested in creating a team, loves the product line, and has the desire and drive to be successful. All these methods work to locate the perfect recruit; you just have to put in the time and the effort.

Article Source:

Deb Bixler is a direct sales trainer who teaches party plan education and training that insures that consultants never worry about where to find business again. Learn more direct sales business success systems that work for all companies at:

Direct Sales - The Importance Of Team Motivation And Recognition
By: Shelly Hill

As a Direct Sales team leader, it is our job to motivate and encourage our group members to reach their business goals and to recognize their efforts for a job well done.

When it comes to motivating your team, there are many little things you can do to provide that inspiration to them to strive for bigger and better things with their home business. Here are a few ideas that I like to use.

1. Emails - You can send daily or weekly motivational short stories, articles and business quotes to your group. To give it a personal connection, tack on a short story or quote that pertains to you and your business directly.

2. Books - These can be in-print or e-books. You could offer them as a reward by challenging your members to reach a certain business goal. Their obvious prize would be to receive the book for free.

3. Meetings and/or Chats - I suggest holding offline meetings or online chats for your downline group. I love attending my uplines meetings and chats as its a great way to learn new ideas, share with my fellow teammates and I get really motivated to continue to strive forward with my own home business.

It is equally important to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of your team members. Here are a few ideas that I like to utilize with my own group.

1. You could challenge your new teammate to obtain xyz amount in party sales and xyz amount in home party bookings during their first 30 days in the business. If they meet or exceed this challenge, offer them a reward. This can be a free product, free business supplies or a gift card.

2. Hold a monthly recruiting blitz for your team. You could reward the person who signed up the most new recruits with a prize.

3. Challenge your team to out-book you on home parties! This will motivate you and your team. A little healthy competition between you and your team is always a great motivator. If your team books more parties than you, reward them with a pizza party.

4. Its always fun to hold monthly personal sales challenges. You could reward every member who reaches xyz amount of sales that month with a prize or you could just award a prize to the member who had the highest sales for the month.

One of the most important jobs of a team leader is to motivate, support and recognize your teammates for a job well done. By recognizing them for their business efforts, it helps to build a stronger relationship with them. It lets them know that you appreciate them and their dedication to the business.


Article Source:

Shelly Hill has been working from home in Direct Sales since 1989 and is a Manager with Tupperware. Shelly has been leading her own Direct Sales team since 2003. You can visit Shelly online at for additional free business articles and Direct Sales tips. You can also visit Shelly online at


Direct Sales - 6 Interactive Ideas To Get Your Team Involved
By: Shelly Hill

As a Direct Sales team leader, I like to provide a way for my teammates to interact and communicate with one another. One of the ways I like to do this is by having a group message board, but there are certainly other ways you can do this that will suit your team's needs.

1. Group Blog - You can set up a free blog and give all of your teammates the log-in information. They can read your updates, business tips and post their own.

2. Email Group - One of the most popular sites online that offer a group email loop is Yahoo. You can upload files, photo's and store archived posts. Your members can get individual postings or a daily digest of postings delivered to their email in-box. You can set it up that you are the only one allowed to post to it or keep it open so that your group can post and respond to messages too.

3. Message Board - Having your own group message board is one of the most efficient ways to communicate with your team online. All posts can be categorized into topics and archived. Your group members can log-in when its convenient for them, read and respond to posts or ask for ideas from other group members. There are a lot of sites online that offer free or low-cost message boards. I recommend setting your message boards to private that way only you and your group have access to them.

4. Group Facebook Page - These days you can set up a private page for you and your group on the popular Facebook website. This is an option, however...I don't feel it's the best option for group interaction because your postings are not easily organized into topics.

5. Chat Rooms - If you are not looking for a way to have your discussions and topics archived for future use, you could set up weekly group chats in a free online chat room.

6. Teleconference Phone Calls - You can set up teleconference phone calls for your group and these calls can be recorded for the team members who couldn't attend so that they can listen to the call when it's convenient for them.

Why should you provide a way for your team to interact with one another? There are many benefits such as:

a. They can partner up to do parties or business events together.
b. As a group, they can hold brainstorming sessions to generate new ideas.
c. If you are using one of the first 4 options listed above, members can post questions and get timely responses when you are unavailable, from other members.

As your group grows and membership spreads out of your local area, you should provide a way for all members on your team to interact with one another as it helps to 'instill' the feeling of belonging to a team, we are all in this together.

Article Source:

Shelly Hill has been working from home in Direct Sales since 1989 and is a Manager with Tupperware. Shelly has been leading her own team since 2003 and strongly believes in the benefits of team interaction. You can contact her at: Web: Web:

Using Digital Picture Frames With A Direct Sales Business
By: Shelly Hill

In Direct Sales, we often find ourselves doing trade show events. Has space been an issue for you? I know these days, booth space is at a premium. After all, they want to squeeze in as many vendors, as they can.

I have a unique idea I would like to share with you, to solve that problem.

Have you seen those new Digital Picture Frames? A lot of stores are now carrying them. You can purchase one for around $80.00, or a little cheaper, if you find one on sale.

They come in a variety of sizes, but I would like to recommend the 8.5" frames. I recommend purchasing 2 of them.

Now you are probably saying to yourself, How can this benefit my Direct Sales business? You benefit by:

1. Showing as many of your business products that you can, both physically and visually.

2. By giving a visual recruiting message to those who are visiting your booth space.

Here is how I am using them with my business. I purchased one for my business products, and one for recruiting.

1. Business Products. Take 25-40 pictures of some of your business products. Load those pictures into the digital frame.

2. Recruiting. I use the second frame as a digital vision/dream board. I took pictures of things such as: a jet liner, tropical island, a new car, a paid off credit card bill, home improvement project, a big screen TV, etc. These are things that people want to earn an additional income for.

You will want to set them up on the 'slide show' feature. I recommend loading as many photograph's into them as you can, utilizing them to their fullest potential. You can set them up on your product display tables at your business vendor events.

I think you will find this unique idea, as a great Direct Sales marketing tool. You are maximizing your demonstration space to it's fullest potential.


Article Source:

Shelly Hill has been working from home in Direct Sales since 1989 and is a Manager with Tupperware. You can contact Shelly at: Web: Recipe Blog:





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