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Alishia Willardson is the CEO of Fun, Funny, Outrageous & Crazy Energy!  She specializes in developing innovative programs to help Home Party/Direct Sales Consultants break through barriers, fill their calendar with parties and make more money 

Over the last 7 years Alishia has committed her life to infusing women entrepreneurs with the strength they need to succeed and double their income. 

She is a Internationally recognized expert with her Rockstar MOMpreneurs & Party Plan POWERcamp programs.  She has helped clients from around the Globe including, Thirty One, Miche, Pure Romance, Perfectly Posh, Origami Owl, Mary Kay, Damsel in Defense, Pampered Chef, Scentsy and Many More!

Alishia has been a featured expert for Life After Divorce Radio, Women With a Purpose, Working Women of Tampa Bay, Direct Sales Mommies, MOMpreneurs Telesummit, Summer School for Women Summit & MORE! 

Alishia has an inspiring messages that impacts audiences from 50-1,000 or more.

Due to her compelling and life changing experiences of being the sole bread winner for her family.  She used the these programs and the foundation of these programs to build 3 $100K per year businesses.  This formula uses a simple, yet effective, 8 step process to fill your calendar and double your income over the next 90 days and this is just the beginning.

Rockstar MOMpreneurs Academunity

Rockstar MOMpreneurs is a group coaching program that I've personally designed, implemented used to make 6 figures a year supporting my family.  Not only that 1,000's of other consultants have implemented and gotten the same level of results. 

The company that is the best fit for Rockstar MOMpreneurs is Anyone who owns a business who does home parties to build their business, looking for simple ways to fill their calendar with parties and double their income!

The coaching your get in Rockstar MOMpreneurs is NOT the same boring crap that you've learned over and over in a different way.  With me, you are learning how to build your business online, email marketing, other creative tools, along with booking parties + group coaching calls, personal development and access to me to ask questions.  You will learn innovative ways to run your business that's relevant for the 21st Century & make some PHAT cash while doing it. 

The only expectation of you in Rockstar MOMpreneurs is that there's no expectation for you except the expectation you put  on yourself to succeed.  If you want to stop living paycheck to paycheck and get real results from your booking party efforts, you should set stellar expectations for yourself to implement and succeed. 

Rockstar MOMpreneurs is an online Academunity (Community & Academy in one) that helps Home Party consults run their business simply and get's QUICK results.  Your membership includes access to 7 courses to help you build your business including: 30 Days to $1,000 Profit, How to Make Money on Facebook, Kick Your Procrastination, Clear Your Mind Clutter, How to Have Profitable Online Parties, Successful Launch Party Blueprint & MORE!

And trust it works, just like with anything else though, it only works if you go into it with an open mind and implement what you learn.  We are talking about you adding 5 parties to your calendar in the next two weeks by implementing every step you learn in the 30 day profit course.  You can double your income in the net 90 days by implementing every step in all the training you get.   

SO if you're ready to ditch the phone calls, throw away your list of 100 people and exceed your highest selling month, then the Rockstar MOMpreneurs Academunity is for you!




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