Direct Sales Mommies

3rd Annual Holiday Extravaganza
November 23 ~ November 26, 2012

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Direct Sales Mommies 3rd Annual Holiday Extravanganza!


Get ready to Kick off & Jumpstart the Holiday Season! 

Enjoy our Biggest Online Shopping Extravaganza of the Year!

Vendor Information

We will begin the event on Friday November 23, 2012 at Noon CST and end on Monday November 26, 2012 at 10:30 PM CST.

I require that each vendor participating helps promote the event. 

I have started planning early so once spots are reserved that is advertising for your business for almost 2 Full Months prior to the event! 

I will have banners, buttons and a flyer available for you.  You may use either of the two banners above linked to: New Banners coming soon.

I will be charging a small fee to the vendor's this year.  Each half hour spot will be $5.00 this year

You are getting more than a half hour spot for the fee, you are getting at least 2 full months of advertising for your business prior to the event and the holiday pages will be available through the first of the new year. 

I put a lot of work into this for all of us so your help will be much appreciated and help make the event successful! 

No refunds will be issued on vendor spots.  Please make sure you can commit to your time choices.

Please Note: If you were on the No Show list last year, you will not be allowed to book a spot this year.

I will be promoting this event heavily on my other sites, groups and FaceBook so please help me spread the word.

I will also be dropping postcards in my orders about the event.

Each vendor should have at least one special and offer one game during your presentation with a prize that has a retail value of $5.  Playing a game keeps people paying attention to what is going on and everyone loves to win a prize! 

Please make sure that you do send your prize to the person who in fact won it. You will need to send me the email and name of the person that won your prize so I may follow up with them to make sure they received it.

Vendor spaces are going to be available on a first come first served basis. No refunds will be issued for vendor spaces so if you are not committed to participating in the event please do not book a space.  I will not be adding in extra times as I have done in the past.

I will allow multiple reps to participate from the same company so that everyone has an opportunity to participate.  I will max it out at 3 reps per company.

We will have over 75 slots to fill during these 4 days. 

I will not allow 2 reps from the same company to be one after the other  (example: Betty reps for Avon and is presenting at 2 and Susie is also an Avon rep and wants to present at 2:30, Susie could present later in the day, but there has to be a minimum of 2 hours between the same companies).

Please Do Not expect me to allow you to have multiple spots in a day, you may have one spot per day. 

I want everyone to be able to have a chance to participate that wishes to participate.  Should we have available spots those will be made available to you.

Vendors must be punctual and be in the party room on time, please donít just come, present and leave ~ support your fellow WAHMS.  I am not saying you need to be there all day, but please be supportive of others.  Please help promote the event.

Before booking a spot, please make sure that you can enter the party room at

I will need some help moderating the party as these will be long days and for those that volunteer to help moderate during a 2 hour window will have their names listed in the right hand column linked to their website as Extravaganza Sponsors.

Moderator responsibilities will be to fill in for me during a 2 hour time period throughout the event.  You will be responsible for introducing presenters, making sure everyone is on time and punctual with their presentations.  Occasionally we do have stragglers that come into the room and they may need to be removed. 

I will be available most of the day on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday ~ Would like a few moderators for evening hours on all days and maybe a few for Sunday as well.

Note to all participants: Please make sure you complete all orders received from the event. 

With Everyone's Help and Participation ~ We Can Make this an Event to Remember!

If you wish to participate and agree to the terms listed above please copy the form below and email it to: Sandy at

Direct Sales Mommies Holiday Party Reservation (I will start taking Reservations on September 19, 2012).

Your Name:
Company You Wish to Represent:
Your Website Address:
Your Email:
Date(s) You Wish to Present:
Time You Wish to Present: (Please Provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices)
PayPal Email Address to bill you for your spots @ $5.00 each spot:

I can help Moderate:  Please provide day and time you can moderate must be a 2 hour window.

I will donate a Raffle Item (Please indicate if you will donate to our raffle)
Please note below that we have changes to how the raffles will be done this year.

I will donate to the 2012 Holiday Goodie Box (Please indicate if you will donate to the 2012 Holiday Goodie Boxes, I will send you the address on where to send your items)

* Reminder each spot reserved will be $5.00

Thank you for choosing to participate in our 2012 3rd Annual Holiday Extravaganza!


Holiday Raffle
The Holiday Raffle will return this year. 

Raffle items will be sent by the representative that is donating an item in the raffle to the winner. 

Your item will be listed on the raffle page, along with your name and company website, your fan page link, the date and time of drawing and the winner's name.

Your item will be listed on the site as soon as your information is received.

Please be sure to include a business card and current company catalog with your raffle item when sending to the winner.

I will need the following from you:
~ A photograph of your raffle item being donated that you will send to the winner.

~ Your Name, Company, Website and Email Address to be posted on raffle page.

~ Your Facebook Fan Page link ~ those wishing to enter your raffle will be required to go to your fan page and like the page and make a post that they are from DSM Holiday Event.

~ You will need to email me the winner's information so that I can follow up with them to make sure they received it.


 Holiday Goodie Boxes will return this year.
Goodie Box items need to be received by November 17th at the latest please.

My goal for the Holiday Goodie Boxes is to have 15 Holiday Goodie Boxes with 15 - 20 samples/full size products in each box.  I will be starting to put these together early so if you would like to get involved and have your products in our boxes Email Me Today.

You may choose to participate in one box or 15 boxes, that is up to you. The more boxes you participate in the more exposure you and your business will receive. If you choose to participate in our goodie boxes you will have a link to your website on our goodie box page and be listed as a Goodie Box Sponsor.

Goodie Box items must be professional and more than just a business card or business magnet, flier, post card, catalog or gift certificate. These items are great, however they must have some sort of tangible item attached to them, something that is usable. Also, no candy unless you're representing a candy company.

Here are some ideas of what to send in:
Cosmetic Companies ~ bath and body samples
Candle Companies ~ votives, tea lights, tarts
Food Companies ~ mixes
Jewelry Companies ~ earrings, key chains

How to package your item(s): place in an organza bag with your business card or a clear cello bag with your business card tied with a pretty ribbon. 

Only one rep per company will be in a goodie box, so if you rep for Avon and send in samples for our goodie boxes you will be the only Avon rep in that box.  I will announce if we are full on a company or start a new box.

These items may be sent in at any time between now and November 1st as boxes will be put together and listed on the site as soon as we have one filled.  Reps providing samples for the goodie boxes will be listed on the site as they come in.

Goodie Box items should be received no later than Saturday November 17th, 2012.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Visit our Holiday Party Room
Visit our Holiday Raffle Page

Visit our Holiday Goodie Box Page

Email Sandy at