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Direct Sales Mommies Consultant of the Month

Welcome to Direct Sales Mommies Consultant of the Month Shopping Group!

* Participation is MANDATORY! 

* You will be required to make one purchase per month from the Consultant of the Month in your group.  There is currently a minimum purchase of $15 before shipping and handling.

* You must commit to participating for the duration of the year. 
(It is not fair to your fellow consultants if you stay in the group only until you are COTM and then leave).

You must have items in the $15 price range to participate in the group.

Effective March 01, 2012 ~ the group will be divided into smaller groups with a maximum of 12 members per group.  For the remainder of the 2012 year groups will only have a maximum of 10 members allowing for each member to cycle over the course of the year.

Each group will have one team captain who will oversee their group. 

The team captain is responsible for making sure all team members have completed their monthly obligation and announcing the next Consultant of the Month in your group. 

If someone from your group has not made their purchase it is going to be your responsibility to report back to me and this member will be removed from the group and reported to Consultant Check in Yahoo Groups.

As a team captain, you must work with your team. I realize that sometimes, things happen and as a team captain you should be able to work with your team to overcome whatever issues arise on your team.  I am always available to help resolve any issues that come up as well.  This is where that TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) effort comes into play.

Each team captain will be the first Consultant of the Month in their group.

If you refer a member to the group, they will be placed on your team so it is important that they let me know you sent them (keeping in mind that we will max out a group at 10 members this year).

Effective October 2012 ~ New members must make an activation purchase of $15 from the person that referred them to the group.  This must be done within 3 days of joining the group.

Once a person has referred 5 new members they can promote up to team captain.  You must be in good standing and must be meeting your monthly requirements to promote to a team captain.

Group members are expected to complete their monthly purchase from the COTM (Consultant of the Month) in their group by the 25th of the month.  New COTMís can be drawn on the 26th of the month, but will not start their cycle until the 1st of the month.

Make your month fun! 

Offer to award one person the hostess rewards if your sales meet your hostess benefits.   

Keep your guests engaged in your party. 

Remember, unlike our normal parties all of us are in direct sales already and although some may be interested in adding a second or third or more to their existing business(es), we are a shopping group so donít put more focus into sponsoring than you do on sharing specials with your guests.

This can be a great tool to help you meet your goals or sales quotas for the month.

I am going to do my best to not add the same reps from the same companies to one group, but many of us rep for the same companies and we may have to double up on some, so you must be willing to support a sister rep from your company in the case you are in a group with a rep from your company.

Please place your name below in the comments section if you approve of the new rules and wish to stay in the group.

If you donít agree, I ask that you please remove yourself from the group.

Thank You,

Sandy Joyce ~ Group Owner
Lisa Stone ~ Group Moderator


Direct Sales Mommies Spree Group

Welcome to Direct Sales Mommies Spree Group!

Sprees run from Thursday to Tuesday with numbers being called on Wednesday.

Participation is Mandatory!

Sprees take place on the yahoo group at

We currently have two Spree Vendors a week.

Sprees can be a great way to increase your sales for the month. They are a lot of fun to participate in and many of the consultants offer extra incentives for spree purchasers.

All members MUST participate in at least ONE Spree a month to remain in the groups.

Advertising on the Groups:
So that everyone has more opportunity to share their businesses, I will allow advertising days on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays by all consultants.  

Please donít advertise your business if as an example a Scentsy consultant is the COTM and you are a Scentsy consultant as well.  This is just a common courtesy rule.

You may advertise in both the yahoo group and the Facebook group providing you follow the Courtesy Rule.

I realize we have a lot of consultants from the same companies and why shouldnít you support a sister consultant?  If you expect people to support your efforts, then you are going to have to support theirs. Supporting a sister consultant can be worked out between you and the consultant.  This group is about supporting each other and helping each other meet goals.


Direct Sales Mommies Consultant of the Month Group

Join our Spree Group part two of our Consultant of the Month Group

Thank You,

Sandy Joyce ~ Group Owner
Lisa Stone ~ Group Moderator

Still have questions: Email Sandy at







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