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Welcome To Our Party Information Page!
Please check out everything it offers and come party with us anytime!

Come share about your business as one of our vendors or attend our parties as one of our guests. 

This is a place to have some fun, network, make new connections and gain information on your favorite company and their offerings.

Our party room is here to help wahm's showcase their products to others. 

We do this by hosting Online Parties. Our hope is that the Wahm's that present at our parties will be able to receive sales and or new recruits and make some new friends while having fun in a relaxed environment.



We have a new party room with new features you can now share images and YouTube videos at our online parties!  How exciting is that!

Party Dates and Times will be posted on our Facebook Fan Page as well as the party room page.

Adult novelty companies are welcome, but are asked to book their spots later in the evening and use good judgment when sharing photos or videos.

Our schedules can be viewed in the Party Room scroll down past the click here to join the party link to see them.

To present your business at one of our parties please Contact Me with the day and time for the current weeks party.  

I no longer allow reps to book weeks in advance due to the amount of no shows when this has been allowed.

You MUST help PROMOTE the event for which you are presenting at. 

Please DO NOT leave this up to me to do all the promoting.  

I will not tolerate repeated NO SHOWS if you book a spot to present your company please show up for that spot.  

I realize emergencies do happen and if at all possible please give me 24 hour notice if you cannot keep your spot.  

Repeated no shows will get you banned from presenting at our parties.  Remember this is a reflection of you and your business.

*No Shows will now be banned from presenting for 30 days in our party room.

Please DO NOT private message members with sales that you have while another vendor is sharing their business.  

For example if you are selling jewelry and have a fantastic sale going on and we have a jewelry rep presenting her company and specials and you think yours are better please DO NOT private message or email our attendees with your specials.  

This is not fair to the rep that is presenting her/his business.  If I find out anyone is doing so, you will be banned from the party room.

Please DO NOT interrupt when our vendors are presenting their company unless you have a company specific question to ask the rep. Please show our reps respect.  

If we have open time, I will announce that it is open chat.

If you are new to online parties you can visit our online party page to learn more about online parties and how to conduct yours.

I do ask that reps presenting play a game and award a small prize to the winner of the game. Suggested, but not required.  The prize should have a retail value of $5.  You can search online for party games, word scrambles. bingos and scavenger hunts are also popular.  

Please make sure to send your prize to your winner.  Again this is a reflection of you and how you conduct your business.

Please Note: Spots will only be filled until one day before the party.  

I will NOT be filling spots during the party. When spots are not filled, I make plans with my family. 

Please check back often as I may add updates to this page.  

New as of September 19, 2011 ~ Reps will no longer be able to book back to back, week after week.  We have a lot of reps wanting to share their businesses and they cannot if the same reps are always filling up the schedule so in fairness to everyone, I am changing the policy.

You may only have 2 spots per month so that others may get a chance to share their company.  If I have open spaces, I will gladly let you fill that space.

PLEASE remember we have a lot of members in our community that are also trying to build a business and want to share theirs as well.

If requests are not emailed to Sandy at they will not be filled.  Please DO NOT message me on Facebook to reserve your spots.  All party reservations are to be emailed to me.

Please DO NOT private message me during a party to reserve your spot.    

Again, it is required that you share the link with your friends, family and clients.  Guests DO NOT need to be in Direct Sales to attend parties or shop on our site.

Remember when holding the online party, you are the hostess and as a rep we always tell our hostesses to invite, invite, invite so you as the hostess should be inviting, inviting, inviting!

If you have any questions please Contact Me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.




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