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Welcome to our Business Tips from our Work at Home Moms and Dads.

Have an idea to share please send it to me and I will add it in.


Work Life Balance: Help for Busy Moms
By: Aurelia M. Williams

As a mom you probably go through times in your life when you think you can’t possibly manage work and taking proper care of your family. In fact, there are probably times when you feel you’re not doing a good job at one or the other or maybe even both. Don’t despair! There is help for you whether you work from home or outside of the home, your family is large or small or you have other commitments like volunteer work.

Time Management - Knowing where and how you spend your time is key to balancing your life. Start by keeping a calendar of all your activities. You can do this online, on a paper calendar or in a journal. Track everything from showering, exercise, meal preparation, driving time, and so on. You will probably see areas where you can cut some time out by doing certain activities while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store or riding in the car. There are lots of useful ways to spend idle time and you can figure those out as you fill out your calendar or journal.

Set Priorities - As women we often have a hard time saying “no” because it is in our nature to help others and want to be useful. However, you must know when to say “no” to those activities that don’t help you reach your family, personal or business goals. And even if the activity does in some way help you reach your goals, you will need to prioritize the activity according to its value or importance.

Don’t be Afraid to ask for Help – Another trap women tend to fall into is the “I can do it all” syndrome. For some reason society has taught women that they have to be “Super Mom” otherwise you’ll be seen as lazy or a bad mother. That is a lie! When you are feeling overwhelmed by work, family and kids, have a friend, relative or neighbor give you a hand by helping you clean your house, or taking the kids away for a couple of hours while you get some work done. Whatever the situation may be, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

These are just a few of the suggestions you’ll find in my report, Real Life Guidance to Balancing Work and Family. The “Real Life Guidance to Balancing Work and Family” report shows you how you can find a balance between work and family, without letting any of those balls you are juggling fall on the floor. This report gives you real life solutions, and the best part is that you can get started right now.

Not only are there tips for everyday life, but inside The “Real Life Guidance to Balancing Work and Family” contains valuable insight for work at home moms and moms who work outside of the home.

In addition, I also show you how to get started and then keep the momentum! So don’t wait another second. Stop doing the juggling act and get your life in balance now with the Real Life Guidance to Balancing Work and Family report.

Article Source:

Looking for tips to get your life in balance now. Get ‘em right now… 24/7! Real Life Guidancetoolkits are available for easy and instant download to your computer.


* Commit to talking to five people a day about your business.


* Have pens or pencils printed with your business information.  We use National Pen for our pen and bulk magnet printing.  Affordable prices with special offers.


Direct Sales - 5 Creative Ideas To Generate Additional Product Sales
By: Shelly Hill

When it comes to running a home business, we are all looking for some creative ways to generate more sales. Generating more sales, equals more income for you.

Here are 5 creative ideas that I would like to share with you.

1. Start a monthly auto-ship program. This auto-ship program could be monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. When I do auto-ship programs, I always give my customers a discount for participating. They need a nice incentive to sign-up for your program.

example: If you sell candles, you could do a monthly auto-ship program by offering a different scent for your customers each month.

example: If you sell gourmet baking mixes, offer a different mix each month.

2. Start a referral program. Print up some coupons or business cards with your referral program information on them. Offer your current customers an incentive to refer their family and friends to you.

example: Refer 2 new customers to me and receive a free _____________.

3. Try before you buy program. If at all possible, purchase or create sample packs of items you sell. Customers are more likely to buy a product after they have sampled it.

4. Offer A Contest. Announce to all of your customers that you are holding a contest this month. Let them know that every purchase they make, will earn them an entry into your monthly contest.

5. Teach A Class. Offer to teach a class within your business niche. It's important to use your company products as supplies for the class. You will need to charge your student's appropriately, for the supplies.

example: If you sell scrapbooking supplies, offer to teach scrapbooking classes at your local craft store or community center.

example: If you sell home decor items, offer to teach home decorating classes at your local home decor store, furniture store, and community center.

There are many more creative things you can do to generate more business sales. I hope these 5 ideas have started the creative process for you.

Article Source:

Shelly Hill has been working from home in Direct Sales since 1989 and is a Manager with Tupperware. You can visit Shelly online at for Direct Sales articles and home business tips. You can also visit Shelly online at


7 Ideas On Using Your Home To Promote Your Business
By: Shelly Hill

When it comes to Direct Sales, one of the most valuable tools you have to market your Direct Sales business is your own home.

There are many creative things you can do to market your business out of your home. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Hold a joint Direct Sales Vendor Party in your home. Invite other Direct Sales Consultants in your community to participate. In order for this idea to work, each of the Direct Sales Vendors need to invite a minimum of 20 customers to the event. Each vendor then sets up a table display with their products and business information. Guests and customers arrive and can browse the table displays to see what interests them. This works best with only 5-10 vendors unless you have a very large house or hold the event off-site.

2. Host a Community Block Party for your neighborhood. These work best during the summer months and if held on a Saturday. You can invite 1-2 other Direct Sales Consultants to participate to keep costs down. You will want to hang up flyers and pass out invitations to all of your neighbors. Serve some refreshments or hold an outdoor barbecue.

3. Invest in an all-weather yard sign. You can find some really affordable ones online that you can have custom printed with your business information. Find a good area in your front yard to place your sign so that everyone who walks or drives by can see it.

4. Neighborhood Children's Shopping Party. This idea works best in November (to promote holiday shopping) and again in April (right before Mother's Day). You will want to invite the children from your neighborhood that you personally know and with the parents permission. Children love to shop without their parents, especially when it comes to purchasing gifts for their parents. Parents love this idea as it gives them an hour or two break from the children. If you are expecting 7 or more kids to attend, then please do yourself a favor and get a volunteer helper.

5. Co-Sponsoring A Home Party. Find another Direct Sales consultant in your area who is with a non-competing business. Hold a joint home party together in your home. You both invite your customers to the joint home party which in turns put you in touch with customers you might not of ever met. This is a great way to move beyond your circle of friends.

6. Vinyl Window Cling: I recommend getting a vinyl cling business sign that measures approximately 4 inches by 6 inches in size. Get your company name printed on it and place it on your front door window. You are now advertising your business to everyone who enters your home or who might be there delivery packages. Keep the size close to those proportions so that its not to obtrusive.

7. Business Banner or Flag: You can find some custom printers online by doing a keyword search through a major search engine. You will also need to invest in either a flagpole or a banner holder. Get your business name printed onto a banner or flag and hang it up in your front yard.

I hope these 7 ideas have inspired you into using your own home to help promote your Direct Sales Business.

Article Source:

Shelly Hill has been working from home in Direct Sales since 1989 and is a Manager with Tupperware. You can visit Shelly online at for Direct Sales articles and home business tips. You can also visit Shelly online at


8 Ways To Advertise Your New Direct Sales Business Online
By: Shelly Hill

When it comes to starting a new Direct Sales home business, there are many things you can do immediately to start promoting your business online.

Here are a few ideas that you can start today that don't cost a lot of money.

1. Set up signature tags in your email program. Make sure every outgoing piece of email has your new web site link attached to the bottom of it.

2. If you belong to any online forum boards or networking groups, update your forum profiles to include your new business link and update your forum signature tags.

3. Find a few online web sites that have similar content to yours. Contact those site owners about doing a link exchange. It is very important to only exchange links with similar web sites.

4. Start a free business blog. There are many sites online that offer free blogs, Blogger and Wordpress are two of the most popular blogging platforms online. It important for your blog to provide valuable information that you think your customers or blog visitors will want to read.

5. If you are not already networking on the popular networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn or Ning, I suggest you pick one or two of those sites and set up a profile page. You will want to include your personal and business information on your profile and then get busy posting and making some new business contacts.

6. Get your business listed in a few online business directories. You can go to any online search engine and do a keyword search to find directories that appeal to you and your needs. Some of these directories will charge a small fee to get listed and some will require a link exchange.

7. If you enjoy writing, you can try your hand at article marketing. You don't need to be a professional writer, you just need good spelling and grammar skills. For article marketing to work, you need to write quality articles within your business niche. Once you have completed a few articles, submit them to a few article directories.

8. Contest sponsoring is another great way to get your business name and products out onto the world wide web. To find them, go to your favorite search engine and do a keyword search for contests, sweepstakes and blog contests. You don't need to donate a big expensive prize, a lot of the web sites looking for sponsors, usually except a prize donation of less than $25.00 retail cost.

When it comes to advertising your new Direct Sales home business online, it is important to educate yourself on what works and doesn't work. You can find numerous online web sites with Direct Sales articles and business tips to help guide you on a successful advertising path.

Article Source:

Shelly Hill has been working from home in Direct Sales since 1989 and is a Manager with Tupperware. Shelly Co-Owns a work at home business resource site with her business partner Sophia at for additional articles and home business tips. You can also contact Shelly at


Using Introduction Letters for Your New Direct Sales Business
By: Chris Carroll

It can be overwhelming the first days of a new Direct Sales business. There is training to complete, product information to learn, business tools to order and create and most of all, notifications of your new business to be sent out. We always want to let our friends and family know about our new business in hopes that we can use them for bookings for those important starter parties.

Another thing to remember is that even if we are super busy getting the business off the ground with our friends and family, we also need to notify those around us, such as neighbors, acquaintances, people we know in the community and local businesses.

One way to do that is through a letter of introduction. This is a simple letter that tells the reader who you are, how long you have been in the community, a little about you and your business and a call to action. A call to action can be to call you for a book or to visit your website. It can be to place an order and get a gift or anything that you want to reader to do.

One important thing that I have found that works is to make sure that the reader understands that you are local and that you live and work in the neighborhood. Furthermore, make sure they know that this is your business and that you will be there when they need you. An important thing to remember and for you to embrace is that your business may be a work at home Direct Sales business, but it is the same thing as a brick and mortar business. The only difference will be the fact that you don’t pay rent on a building and your level of professionalism. And that level of professionalism is going to be up to you to determine.

The best way I have found to use this letter is by incorporating it in with a mini mailer or catalog drop. This way the recipient can see your product and it adds more branding power to you and your business. You want them to remember you and associate your name to your business. The more you can do that, the better and faster your business can grow.


Article Source:

Copyright Chris Carroll ~ All Rights Reserved Chris is a work at home mom that has made direct sales her business of choice and enjoys sharing information and tips with others. She has partnered with a friend on a product review site for small business owners at .You can also find her at her business site .







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