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Direct Sales - Tips To Increase Your Dating And Booking Potential
By: Shelly Hill

As a Direct Sales consultant, I am always looking for creative ways to increase my party bookings, after all, the majority of your business sales come from home party bookings.

Here are 12 great tips that you can use immediately to increase your party bookings.

1. Offer bonuses for dating on weeknights.

2. Offer bonuses for dating on weekday afternoons.

3. Hold multi-host parties to reduce stress for your party hosts. A multi-host party is when 2-3 party hosts pick one location and have one party. Each host invites their own party guests and each host earns free products for having their party. They just share the 'party space" and you only have to do one business presentation.

4. Think "outside the house" and consider taking parties to other venues, such as office buildings where your hosts work, community centers, assisted living centers, the park, bowling alley, your local pizza shop, coffee and donut shop, small cafes and diners, church fellowship halls and daycare centers.

5. Contact past party hosts and offer them an incentive to book another party.

6. Contact your customers and offer them an incentive to book a party.

7. Offer parties in a bag, parties in a box and catalog order parties for party hosts who are too busy to host a party in their own home.

8. Offer to let party hosts use your home to host their party.

9. Get involved in your community events. Set up table displays advertising your home party opportunity. On display you should have some visuals such as: Dating Gift, Host Thank You Gift, Host Booking Gifts, etc. Let your potential hosts see what they can earn for free or for half price! Get out there and meet new people and watch your bookings grow.

10. Party in your trunk! (also known as a 'trunk show'). Take your party on the go: to the park, outdoor music festivals, sporting events, family reunions, neighborhood block parties, flea markets, community yard sale events, etc. The more people see your products, the more apt they are to book a party!

11. Offer mini versions of your home party. If you normally spend 2 hours at the party hosts home doing a home party, come up with a new shorter version. Some party hosts don't want to commit a lot of time hosting a home party, so offer a shorter mini version of your traditional home party.

12. Offer an immediate product reward for booking a party on the spot with you. This should be an inexpensive item from your business product line.

Article Source:

Shelly Hill has been working from home in Direct Sales since 1989 and is a Manager with Tupperware. You can visit Shelly online at for Direct Sales articles and home business tips. You can also visit Shelly online at


Direct Sales - Tips To Get More Bookings and Higher Home Party Sales
By: Shelly Hill

Are you in Direct Sales? Are you struggling with getting more dating's and higher party sales?

As a Direct Sales Consultant, it's important to keep your dating and booking calendar full. Why? Keeping a full calendar means consistent income for you!

It's equally important to work closely with your home party hosts. You want your host to have a successful home party so that they achieve the goals that yield them the most free and half-priced items. The more successful the party, the more bookings you will get from it. If the party host feels completely satisfied, she will rebook another party from you.

Try these tips to increase your party bookings.

1. Offer an immediate dating gift to someone who books a home party with you and sets a date for the party within the next 21 days.

2. Half-Price selections are one of your most valuable tools. Let party guests know they can purchase these products at the half-off price by holding a party with you.

3. Reward hosts who have a "Dating in Waiting," a party dated before you arrive. I like to offer a product that retails for $10-$15 as my extra incentive for outside bookings.

4. Re-Bookings. Offer an incentive to your host if she rebooks another party with you, to be held in 90 days.

5. Offer Exclusive Host Gifts. These are products that only party hosts can earn for free or 1/2 price for having a home party with you.

Try these tips to increase your home party sales.

1. Attendance Specials. Provide an incentive for hosts who have 10 guests at their party. Provide an additional incentive for hosts who have 20 guests at their party.

2. Encourage party guests to bring an uninvited friend to the party. One way of doing this is by labeling the party invitation with the bring a friend to the party information. I personally reward guests with a 10% discount off their personal order for bringing along a friend.

3. Offer several Purchase with Purchase Specials, also known as Bonus Buys.

example: With a $50 purchase, you can add-on xyz item to your order for only $10.00 or with a $100 purchase, you can add-on xyz item to your order for only $25.00

Enticing customers to buy more to receive a special offer is a great way to increase party sales.

4. Have plenty of items to demonstrate at your home parties. The more items guests see, the more they will buy.

5. Make your parties fun and interactive. Get your guests involved in the party. Play a few games, offer some great prizes and more importantly, make sure you enjoy yourself.

By offering incentives like these, it helps to increase party attendance, which in turn increases your party sales. When you have satisfied hosts and guests, they will in turn, book parties from you!

Article Source:

Shelly Hill has been working from home in Direct Sales since 1989 and is a Manager with Tupperware. You can visit Shelly online at for Direct Sales articles and home business tips. You can also visit Shelly online at


Barb's Better Booking Checklist —For Direct Sales Home Parties
By: Barb Girson

I learned quickly in direct sales that I had to approach booking parties with a plan or I would not book parties. Thus when I decided to become a booking expert and truly master the skill, my booking average went up to 3-4 bookings per party.

Because my success was not without struggle, my experience helped me relate to the discomfort involved with asking for parties and ultimately made it possible for me to help others overcome it. I will never forget how uncomfortable I felt when I first started. Learning can be painful but building skill is priceless.

I perfected my strategy when I fused the mindset of booking parties with my method of securing new commitments on the calendar. I broke down the mechanics into the following formula:

• Guests are more likely to book when they anticipate you to invite them. Set the stage for bookings.
• Guests are more likely to book parties when they know you, like you and trust you.

Read on to see how many of the booking steps you practice from my 'Barb's Better Booking' Checklist'. As you can tell, it is not one single action that yields more bookings, but many small intentional actions that will improve results. See if you can incorporate a few new steps into your booking protocol, steps designed to enhance the know, like, and trust factors for you.

Barb's Better Booking Checklist

___1. Build Party Attendance - It is hard to book a party or earn money with a chair, sofa or lamp so remember, the more people at the party, the more potential for prosperity (for you and your Host). Make sure your Host is talking up the benefits of attending the party. Emphasize the education, as well as the fun factor, as the combination draws a bigger crowd.

___2. Challenge Your Host To Help - Ask your Host to have a booking waiting for you before you arrive. Enlist the Host to help you and make it worth your Host's worthwhile.

___3. Offer To Call Each Guest Before The Party - As a service to your Host, offer to call each guest to confirm their attendance, and in doing so encourage them to bring a friend. Making a personal connection with potential guests prior to the party helps you build the "know, like and trust" factor and establishes your standard of customer service. Even leaving a voice mail can highlight your professionalism and show how you support each Host. Most direct sellers overlook this step, so making pre-party calls will set yourself apart.

___3. Arrive Early To Be Booking Ready - Arriving before guests allows you to not only to set up early and chat with your Host but also frees you to greet guests when they do arrive. Take advantage of the opportunity to build rapport. Ask your Host to share a little about each guest with you. Who likes to have parties? Who is involved in organizations? Who might appreciate free products or want to earn some money? Make notes on your guest list.

___4. Greet Guests With Interest - Learn something special about each guest in your pre-party chat. What do they do? Where do they live? How do they know the Host? How familiar are they with your product line?

___5. Remember Guest Names - When you sincerely address guests by name, you communicate that they are important to you. If you cannot remember everyone's name, consider using name tags.

___6. Decide To Deliver Booking Bids - Determine before you start when you will deliver 3 booking bids to the group. This means deciding when you will invite others to consider booking and what you will say in each invitation. Be prepared, not scripted or robotic. Be direct or you might drive home and realize you forgot to ask.

___7. Promote Your Host Benefits - Promote the benefits of being a Host through both your verbal and non-verbal communication. Pass around Host specials. Refer to the Host program. Inform others what Hosts can earn when they open up their homes for a party.

___8. Highlight Your Host - Make each Host feel genuinely appreciated and special. Without their hospitality you would not have a vehicle to build your party plan business. Publicly acknowledge your Host today and others will be more inclined to Host in the future.

___9. Party With Play - Always remember, it is a party you are promoting. Infuse fun and laughter into your party process and bookings will follow. The more your guests enjoy the time together, the more they will want to repeat the experience and get their own friends together. It is up to you to create the party atmosphere.

___10. Give Personal Invitations - Ask each guest individually to be one of your special Hosts. "Would you be willing to invite me into your home to host your own party [or get together]?" Do not pre-determine who will and who won't say yes. Ask everyone. This single practice boosted my booking results tremendously.

With practice, you will increase your bookings and build a business with solid confidence. Develop your style so that you are using the most effective word choices that work for you. Challenge yourself to get to a point where if your calendar ever looks slim, you have the power to rebuild it. With this knowledge you will attract others intentionally to schedule with YOU!

Article Source:

Permission to reprint this article is granted with inclusion of "About The Author", contact information, & active web site link".

About The Author
Barb Girson, International Direct Selling Industry Expert, Trainer & Coach, helps companies, teams & entrepreneurs gain confidence, get into action, & most importantly... grow sales by sharing her "Strategies That Stick™". Barb is a highly interactive, creative speaker and author offering customized, professional skill development programs for workshops,meetings and teleclass training programs. Visit to join her mailing list & get invited to her next FREE teleclass.








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